To increase health awareness and promote wellness among travelers on a global scale by making facemasks a trendy, travel necessity.


We were both sick of getting sick while traveling, sick of ruined vacations, and sick of taking sick days from work after returning home from a trip. One sunny day on Maui, Danielle and I headed out to catch some surf, finally, after both recovering from colds upon returning home from travel. We started sharing our dreadful stories of our flights and our bad luck getting seated next to hacking, sneezing passengers. We thought, how inconsiderate! Why don't people wear masks on planes when they are sick? Why don't WE wear masks on the plane to protect our own health? Then, it struck us. What if we could make something people WANTED to wear on or around their face while traveling? What if masks were funny or could make people laugh, stylish, or set a trend? What if we could board the plane and not have worry about who we were going to be seated next to? This is when, The Barrier Method was born.

This is an opportune time to participate in this new trend. The policies of our healthcare continue to change and leave us wondering if we will lose access to the medical care that we count on. Let's find preventative ways to promote our health together!

Danielle Travis

Born and raised on the island of Maui. From a young age she has been self motivated, independent, and always thinking of innovative ideas to enhance life’s experiences. The idea for The Barrier Method came to be one day while surfing with her pal and now Co-founder, Molly. The product has since turned into one of Danielle’s most important travel necessities as she travels for a polo tournament or vacation, preserving her health so that she can perform and enjoy her trip.

Molly Palmer

Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, later relocated herself in Maui. Active, health conscious, extrovert, and world traveler, she found her calling in psychiatry. Started using and diffusing essential oils in the office to provide a calming effect and serve as antimicrobial agent to support patient and personal health. Very excited about creating a product that will support traveler's health on a global scale, while making people look cool and feel comfortable while traveling!

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