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Ok you know where the germiest place is at the airport?!

Airport Security bins...yep.

"Those airport security bins carry more germs than the toilets, scientists say."

You can imagine many. people. Touch those things. It really is gross. But I never thought about it really til this article came out! Makes me think about it every time. But it's good, because I get really diligent about spraying my hands with EO lavender hand sanitizer and then I feel better ha. But when I remove my computer and all those other things and they touch the bin....I cringe. So I take my EO lavender wipes and make sure I wipe down my computer and everything else before I put it all back in my bag. Then I spray my hands joke. Yes I've become a germaphobe but there's lots to be scared about! Anyway...if doing these things keeps me healthy and I don't get sick when I travel then I'm a happy traveler. Germs are literally having a continuous rager at the security line! Secirity! Get these germs outta here! Protect yourself peeps! Scientist are saying that these bins carry viruses that cause the flu! yikes! Shut this germ party down.


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